Pedro's Vice Whip II

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You know looking for that cassette lockring tool, a socket and a ratchet can sometimes be a struggle in a home or professional workshop.

The Vice Whip is like a set of trusty vice grips but with special teeth to grip and lock your cassette for easy, knuckle friendly cassette removal. The jaws work on track cogs, bb-lockrings, e-bike chainrings and cassettes. Simply dial in the knob to the right size and lock'em down.  It works on pretty much any cassette out there and even 1 speed cogs and notched bottom brackets.

  • Suits 9-23 tooth gear sizes
  • 40-46mm OD lockrings with opposing notches
  • Works on SRAM 12/11/10/9, Campag 7/8/9/10/11/12/13, Shimano 12/11/10, e13 12/11, SunRace 12/11, 1speed cog (1/8" or thicker