Redshift Arclight Smart pedals

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Studies show that lights in motion on the bike improve visibility by up to 57%. Have dual lights fixed into your pedals in constant motion improves low light safety for commuters and city riders. The Arclight flat pedals use 2 led units per side that can easily be removed and charged with the included 4-port charger.

They auto-sense, so that means they start when there is motion and stop when there is non plus they automatically shine red for the back of the pedal and light for the front, it always knows the orientation as you pedal creating a whirlwind of light and improving your chances of distracted drivers in low light.

There is 3 modes - steady, flash and eco flash. You can get up to 36hrs of runtime on the Eco-Flash mode. The are made from aluminium with steel spindles and waterproof electronics, so you don't have to skip your commute when its hammering down outside.

The light units have a magnetic lock which makes them easy to remove and charge and slide back in and you are good to go.

  • 610g
  • 360º viewing angle
  • Waterproof electronics
  • 4port charging hub
  • 3-mode Steady(3hrs+), Flash(11hrs+), eco-flash (36hrs+)