Redshift ShockStop Pro Stem

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The Pro version saves up to 15% by using titanium hardware and CNCing the  steerer clamp area.

Forget double layering bar tape, gel wraps, gel gloves. Get the ShockStop - it  isolates your upper body from the imperfections of the road, reducing fatigue and offering more control over the bike.

ShockStop dramatically improves the ride quality without affecting steering response or climbing feel. It also looks good - no funky bits here. The subtle pivot design allows the front end to move up and down with the bumps which is absorbed by elastomers built into the stem. The elastomers can be changed to suit your weight or preference.

The ShockStop offers a firm and responsive feel without a wallowy or springy feel that you could imagine a "suspension" stem would feel like.

James Huang from Cyclingtips "Once I had settled on an elastomer combo that suited my preferred feel, I was duly impressed by the ShockStop’s ability to smooth out the road surface without being obtrusive. As promised, the cartridge bearing pivot doesn’t move out-of-plane even a little bit, but yet the low-friction design is still remarkably sensitive, canceling out high-frequency buzz while also dramatically taking the sting out of impacts that would otherwise threaten to hammer your wrists into bone powder. " Review


  • Includes 5 swappable elastomers (2 pre-installed, 3 additional)
  • 6º or 30º(100mm)
  • Up to 20mm of travel(drop bar) or 10mm(flat bar)
  • 240g (100mm)
  • Effective travel 20mm(Drop bar), 10mm (flatbar)

Includes the following;

  • 1 x ShockStop Stem
  • 5 x swappable elastomers (2 pre-installed, 3 additional in box)
  • All required hardware