Revgrips Race Lockon Shock absorbing grips - Ergonomic

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The Revgrips Race series is designed for discerning mountain bike riders who demand the ultimate in grip, control, and feedback. With a unique, patented suspension system, these high-performance handlebar grips help to absorb shock and vibration, reducing hand and arm fatigue and improving overall comfort and control. They use a super soft replaceable grip sleeve that also adds to the dampened feel and sure feel whether you are wearings grips or bare hands or sweating it up.

They work by using an elastomer spring on the the outside end of the grip, which looks like a circular leaf spring. This elastomer separates the grip from the handlebar with the vibration and shock being placed through the elastomer spring. Tuning washers can be used to firm up the feel of the grips.

The Race series forgoes the weight reduction on the clamps featured on the Pro, but performance and grip sections remains the same, the is no colour options but all parts are compatible with the pricier Race model which you can upgrade at anytime - It brings the Race series into a better price point when comparing to other lock-on grips on the market.

They are made in the USA and are 100% recyclable, making them an eco-friendly choice for riders who are thinking of sustainability or value our planet.

The RG versions have an ergonomic shape where they taper inwards towards the outside of the bar. Standard shapes are available as well.


There is two measurements for the RG sizing. There "A" measurement is where you index and thumb hook onto. The "B" measurement tapers off slightly for a deeper wrap of your other fingers. We recommend basing your fit on the "A" measurement, so you can measure your existing grip