Rock Shox 0w-30 Lower Leg oil 1litre

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The recommended oil for Pike, Lyrik and Yaris lowers. A slightly different formulation to damper oil, the lower leg oil requires a higher shear resistance allowing the oil to efficiently lubricate and protect lower leg bushings. Use a specific suspension grease like Slickoleum or SRAM Butter for extra friction free performance.

The 0 means its viscosity does not change in cold temps and the 30w is the operating viscosity - 30w being a lot "thicker" than most fork oil allowing it do create a protective layer on contact parts.

Service your fork regularly, its easy and you do extract a bit more performance from your fork.

Compatible with forks that have sealed cartridges (ie not open bath systems)

We recommend WPL ShockBoost as the only alternative to petroleum based greases. It works brilliantly in Rockshox and Fox Forks.  Its 100% Bio-based and is not toxic to humans, marine life and forest creatures.