Selle San Marco Aspide Glamour Woman specific Saddle - BLACK

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A cult phenomenon

Studies have shown that the average sit bone of women is 130mm, add the formulated rule of 20mm to that width to get a saddle that is perfectly suited to the female anatomy. The Aspide Glamour is Selle San Marco's womans specific saddle which is based on the very popular Aspide shape - it is also a saddle that has consistenly received top reviews over the years. The shape and feel of the Aspide Glamour was from feedback of many of the Selle San Marco's pro teams and female athletes. A sleek and low profile not only looks good on the bike it has all the performance to let you concentrate on the ride.

A wider 157mm rear section for more support to your sit bones and a split section towards the rear allows each side to move independently of each other minimising inner thigh rub. The base features a carbon fibre reinforced nylon which produces a strong and supportive hull and resists sagging over time. Combined with the new CORE ZONE, a dual injection process which enables sections of the shell to flex. This allows Selle San Marco to tune comfort with the base material rather than overly soft foam padding which can cause pinching and discomfort over long rides. The top Microfeel cover wraps the BioFoam which is a specially designed closed cell foam - which resists water absorbption, very pliable and as a bonus extremely lightweight. This translates into a saddle that moves with each pedal stroke and absorbs road vibrations effectively. A very subtle groove along the centreline reduces pressure, but still remaining supportive.

The Aspide Glamour utilises XSillite rails, although not as light as full carbon it is strong durable and can be clamped to a wider range of seatposts currently available on the market

  • Womens specific design - 157mm rear width
  • Core Zone - Flexible and Stiff chassis
  • Durable Microfeel top cover
  • BIO Foam

Available in Black or White MicroFeel.