Shelter Frame protection Kit

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This is an awesome product!

The kit consists of a thick plastic clear film with excellent resistance against petrols and oils (think chain lube). The film is very easy to install and has the flexibility to be sculpted over 3D objects. It can also be effortlessly removed, leaving no residue behind. So you can lovingly lay it on your frame for peace of mind. The Shelter kit is ideal for carbon chainstays or the down tube region to help protect from scratches and rock impacts.

The Shelter Protection kit is 'Gardner Impact Protection' tested. This is the definitive standard to test the impact resistance of coatings and laminates. It also determines the protection level for impact surface damage. This means that the Shelter is actually designed to disperse energy from rock impacts that usually end up putting a "ding" in your alloy frame and scoring or even cracking your nice carbon frame. Tests have shown that the Shelter protection increases impact protection to an amazing 230%!

When you use the Shelter on your carbon chainstays, it will quiten down the chain slap and fully protect the material underneath. It also works well when applied under your down tube to fight off the hard rock impacts flicked up by the front wheel. So if you ride hard, why risk it? Protect your frame with Shelter.

Now comes pre-cut in the following layouts for easy and quick applications. Each kit will do one bike

  • Downtube
  • Top Tube
  • Chainstay
  • 4x cable rub spots
This is a standard that tests the impact resistance of coatings or laminates, it also establishes standards for impact surface damange.
THe Shelter protection kit is clear, silent and has good resistance to petrols and oils. The shelter protection leaves no residue and is very easy to install, with good results over 3D objects.