SID World Cup XX Keronite®

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New for 2012 is the Motion Control DNA Damper with a Keronite finish on the lower legs. The new 2012 saves 100 grams over the 2011 model. For 2012, Rock Shox overhauled the existing Motion Control technology to reveal Motion Control DNA. It is still built upon the fundamental building blocks of the original Motion Control damper, which is adjustability, superior and consistent damping performance and easy maintenance. The new damper reminds us of the double helix, hence Motion Control DNA . The new lightweight damper provides a larger range of damping to accomadate for a wider range of riding style and terrain. It also allows for more fluid flow which is key in maintaining consistent bump absorption, where fresh fluid is continually cycled to keep the system running cooler. The new DNA damper is now injected molded plastic instead of the previous titanium spring.

Motion Control DNA

The Motion Control DNA Damper incorporates 2 independant circuits allowing for adjustment on both the rebound and compression cycle as opposed to a single piston that uses a bypass valve for high-speed compression and a check valve for the return cycle (rebound). It gives Rock Shox a little bit more adjustment on what they can do with the damper, ie end-stroke rebound and beginning-stroke as well as a larger range of adjustment.

Stiffness and weight

Similar to 2011, the new SID utilises 32mm upper tubes for maximum stiffness but the lightest possible weight, hollowed out outer legs reduces weight to the maximum but carefully placed material around the crown bridge and scalloped "Power Bulges" provide one of the stiffest forks for the weight. The one-piece carbon crown and steerer reduces weight while reducing torsional flex.

Rock Shox partnered with Keronite to help develop a new lower leg coating to reduce weight and increase durability. The Keronite process is far more consistent than acryclic or powder coating and is significantly more durable than standard painting. It is common to find Keronite coated parts on the undeside of jet liners to protect against debris and surface damage. The new airshaft for 2012 has been lightened dramatically with butted alloy which helps keep weight to a minimum.


The SID XX WC comes with the XLoc which is a hydraulic lockout, the main advantage of this is a consistent lockout lever feel that is impervious to dirt and grime, it also allows tuneability of the Floodgate (lock-out threshold) on the fly. Rebound is adjustable via the red dial on the right side of the leg. Dual Air is used for the spring allowing positive and negative air adjustments which makes the spring curve highly adjustable.

The XX WC is a good performing fork, it sets the benchmark for a lightweight XC fork and has some neat innovative features like the XLoc and the new MotionControl DNA damper. The Rock Shox forks for the last few years have always been easy to maintain and service. With the introduction of a new low friction lower-leg bushings from Saint Gobain, durability should be even better.