Sidewinder Silicone Lockon Grips 32mm

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Lock On.

Silicone grips are great, grippy soft and provide heaps of bar feel but come time to change bars, brake levers or lockout remotes it can look like a UFC match getting them off. Here you go - a lockon grip with the feel and grip of a full silicone grip - without the Brazilian JuJitsu. The nylon injected base is lightweight and helps disperse pressure evenly over the length of the grip - so these are completely safe for high end carbon bars. The silicone material uses a new type of foam that is manufactured with a closed cell structure which resists dirt, water and sweat - and now durability built in. Best of all they provide a memory like effect allowing for a semi custom fit for your hands - less arm pump on the descents and more comfort on longer rides. The aluminium anodised lock clamps tighten with a 3mm hex and are flush with the silicone grip with plenty of real estate for all hand sizes.

They can removed numerous times, are 32mm in diameter and include bar caps.

  • Semi custom fit
  • Lightweight nylon base
  • Slow Reezay compound
  • 113 (caps and 2 grips)
  • 130mm length
  • 32mm diameter