Slickoleum Rear Shock, Dropper and Fork Suspension Grease

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Slick As

Originally designed to be used in motorcycle forks for seal protection, corrosion resistance and reducing high speed friction. It has fortunately found its way over to the bicycle world. An Ultra slick grease with a texture similar to soft butter. It's suitable for all suspension bushings, o-rings bearing seals. It's unique formula functions in low temperatures and adheres to metallic surfaces reducing friction and maintaining a constant micro-layer of grease between moving parts to reduce wear. It's anti-corrosive, waterproof and is safe to use on all kinds of seals including elastomers - ideal for use on the Manitou Mattoc. Essential for all fork rebuilds as it does not mix or contaminate your lower bath or damper oil and keeps the fork / shock running super smooth.

  • Fork and rear shock seals
  • Freehub Pawls
  • O-Rings
  • Suspension Bearings
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Reverb and KS Dropper post service
  • Manitou Mattoc Service
  • Will not emulsify with suspension fluid

Available in 15g and 115g tubes or the 425g workshop tub