Smoove Universal Chain Lube

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Go Loong

Very long lasting chain lube suitable for all conditions. You no longer need to choice a wet or dry lube, grab the Smoove and get some serious miles from it. Originally made for the Cape Epic stage race - where the stages are long and dry and has been the secret sauce for racers. Once applied, the lube will evaporate leaving a durable residue that does not attract dirt and keeps the rollers running slick. There is a reason why it's the no.1 chain lube in South Africa.

Easy to apply with the special needle nozzle tip, just make sure you apply it to a clean chain for best results

  • Wet or Dry conditions
  • Solvent free and biodegradeable
  • Made for long stage races
  • 125ml bottle
  • Apply to a clean chain just enough that you get bubbles between the links and rollers, dry overnight - no need to wipe down.