Spank Oozy Trail 395+ Wheelset 650b

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Fat Plus

If you havn't ridden a modern bike featuring fat+ tyres, well you are missing out. You get a huge increase in climbing and cornering traction and more comfort with very minimal weight increase. 

A burly fat+ wheelset suitable for all types of riding. OOHbah rim profile enhances wheel stiffness even further and the tubeless specific shape makes mounting tubeless 650b tires a breeze. A 35mm internal diameter means you can run the growing range of 650b+ tires which commonly measure 2.7" - 2.9". 

The 395+ feature the bead bite technology which is small ridges on the inside of the hook bead which creates a very reliable seal for tubeless tyres - especially good for the lower pressures on fat+ tires - no burping or rolling tyres.

Wheelsets come with tape and and valves

  • 2,080g Weight
  • 32h 3x Lacing
  • 35mm Wide Internally
  • Rear: 10x135, 12x135, 12x142