Spank Oozy Trail295 Bead Bite Wheelset 29"

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The Oozy295 are light, stiff and responsive on the climbs. The wide rim and added features boosts strength and keeps your tubeless tires locked in to prevent burping and easy tubeless setup.

The Oozy line designed for trail bikes feature key technologies which makes them a great option compared pricier carbon competition. The rims are extruded with OOHBAH which is a double inverted channel which increases stiffness and strength and the use of a magnesium rich alloy increases vibration dampening and impact resistance. The rims are stiff, hence no need to run higher spoke counts - helping bringing the weight down to a flyweight 1,800g. The extra width in the rim also creates a more stable tyre sidewall, increase volume - which improves comfort and traction.

Tubeless has never been easier with the Beadbite which is a row of micro ridges that grip the bead and also create a nice tight seal on tyres, it also makes tubeless setup a lot easier.

Heavily CNC'd hubs use straight pull spokes and they are designed in a way that you only need 1 size spoke to replace either the drive or non-drive side. 

Well priced, high performance and rim strength that meets the needs of aggressive riders.

  • 1,800g
  • 25mm Inner Diameter
  • 29.5 Outer Diameter
  • 9/10 Speed
  • 12x142 Rear (12 x135mm optional)
  • Beadbite
  • 28H 3x lacing, straight pull
  • 6-bolt ISO disc mount
  • Tubeless Ready - Just mount some of our tubeless tape.
  • Suitable for tyre sizes up to 2.4"