Spank OOZY Vibrocore 760mm

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Low Frequency

A high tech aluminium bar that is suitable for all types of riding and racing. The Oozy 760 employs a low density foam core which dampens the low frequency vibrations coming from the trail. Not only improves comfort but feedback to the bar allowing a more direct feel from your bars to the trail - and at the same time you get the all the advantages and durability of a quality aluminium handlebar. Spank bars are all CNC bent, it's a process that is more accurate and does not create stress risers in the profile which is common with mandrel bending. The Oozy bars also feature a unique tapering profile which gradually taper from the centre to the tip - other extruding techniques can leave an abrupt taper, causing a stress point in the handlebar.

  • 760mm Wide (cut-able to 730mm)
  • 5mm or 15mm rise
  • 31.8mm Clamp
  • 4º up / 6º back sweep
  • 235g
  • CNC Bent with XGT Taper technology
  • 7 Series Alu
  • Anodised Finish