SQ-Tool Nine Tool

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Unlike typical multi tools that come with junky hex and torx wrenchs that will likely round a finicky alloy bolt, start oxidising or are so small you cannot get enough leverage to save the ride when you are stranded in the bush . SQlab has done it right with a compact tool kit  - which is a just a bit bigger than a credit card,  has full length hex wrenches that let you safely loosen and tight bolts on the trail. All the tool pieces are stainless and made by Wera and they come with the bolt friendly Hex Plus design - you can even use it on the workshop they are that solid. Has a rubberised strap and a place for you a credit card on the backside.

  • HEX 2 | 2,5 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
  • TORX 10 | 25
  • PH 2
  • Credit card holder with grippy strap