SQlab 310 Sport 2.0 handlebar 16º backsweep

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Just because you have an flat bar urban or commuter bike does not mean you have to resort to less-than-ideal bars.  Let's think about it, you spend a ton of time gripping your handlebars and they are quite often the cause of pain for many. Riding your bike should be fun, but so many of us are writhing in pain - We hear it all the time, my elbows are jacked, my a$$ is raw and my feet go numb.

Unlike typical flat trekking bars that are in the 0º-6º which sets your wrists straight and elbows flared (tennis & golfers elbow?), the 310 Sport bars have a 16º backsweep and a 10º downsweep.

The backsweep helps line up your knuckles to your elbows creating a more structurally efficient position while the downsweep gives a subtle drop bar position and gets rid of that flared elbow which helps activate your lats (big muscles on your back)

DO try this at home;

1. Stretch both hands out in front level to the ground, make a fist and keep your knuckles straight - this is a similar angle your hands and wrists will be in when you are on a typical flat bar.

2. Now, not moving anything else rotate your thumbs up towards the sky, you should notice you will have more grip strength in this position. Now suck your elbows in keeping them close to your sides - This is a mechanically strong position, ie relies on your skeleton not your muscles. You cannot really tire out your bones but small muscles will fatigue real quick.

Try a before and after with someone applying force to the "straight bar" hold and the "backsweep" position. You will get some isometric shaking in the 1st position and you'll notice right away the stronger position.

In addition to having some really sweet geometry to help your wrists elbows and shoulders they have an ovalised top section near the clamp that offers a bit of flex (around 15mm up and down) over rattles, potholes, pavements and generally crappy roads. Yes SQlab has managed to get flex from an Aluminium bar without compromising safety.

  • Weight: 269g
  • 31.8mm Handlebar clamp
  • 660mm width (can be shortened to 600mm)
  • 0mm Rise / 10º downsweep / 16º backsweep
  • Stretch: 10mm
  • Suitable for commuters, trekking and fast urban bikes
  • May help relief strain from wrists, elbows and shoulder

** Stem is not included **