SQlab 312R Carbon Drop Handlebar

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Most of know that as we go wider on your mountain bike bars, you'll need some back sweep to keep your wrists healthy. It promotes an efficient structure for your shoulders, elbows and wrists.

Now what most of us do not know that when you can go narrower for road bars ie 40cm, which is usually further in than our shoulders, we need some front sweep to take strain off the wrists with the weird angle.

The 312R gets a sweet spot 10º of front sweep which makes it phenomenally comfortable riding on the tops or just cruising. The tops are flat and angular and has a little nook for your pinky fingers (laugh now, but you'll love it when you are on your last donut). The drops get a angular shape for increased surface area for your hand and more grip security.

It's surprising the amount of details have gone into this bar considering we've seen a ton of designs from other brands - from semi anatomical bends, classic, flared drops  - that don't really achieve anything except for "new gear" hype

  • Center to center measurement
  • Reach: 80mm
  • Flare 1.5º
  • Drop 120mm
  • 40-58mm clamp zone for stem
  • 235g