SQlab 710 Touring Grips

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Some of the best grips for MTB and touring - it's all out comfort! The flattened and raised outside section increase the surface area with your outside palm (which is where a whole bunch of sensitive nerves sit) - More surface area leads to less pressure and if you are suffering from numb fingers, sore forearms from cruising around, it's important to do something about it!

The 710 is available in 3-sizes for a truly custom fit. To work out the best fit measure from the top of your middle finger (the rude one) to the crook of the thumb (as a straight line passing through ) - see diagram here


Model Size


(total in mm)


(measured at 1/3 of the total length)


(in g)

SQlab 702 S 139,1 108,0 215
SQlab 702
M 143,6 110,8 225
SQlab 702
L 145,8 123,7 255
SQlab 710
S 136,8 102,6 165
SQlab 710
M 139,1 106,0 180
SQlab 710
L 145,0 115,2 205