SQlab 711r Grip

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With grips, it's usually a one size fits all. Imagine a one-size-fits-all underpants! Crazy right?

You can have all the best tech features, ergo shapes but if the if you cannot get a full wrap of fingers on the grips you are missing out on control. SQlab has always focused on ergonomics and the 711r are some of the most comfortable grips out there and they have done everything they can to strip the weight down as well.

The 711R do not have a lock-on to secure them on the bar, they are a slip-on fit for absolute minimal weight.  It's angular shape gives a really nice "paddle" to grip, you can relax your hands and they still take a hold - less tension and arm pump please. A flattened outer edge gives more surface area for the ulnar nerve to rest. A closed and soft end cap is nice especially if you like to run wide on your grips.

  • Silicone
  • Circumference (s/m/l/xl): 100mm/105mm/110mm/119mm
  • Length:128mm
  • 59grams
  • Slip-on