SQlab 712 Bar Tape

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 This bar tape is very tacky and has some unique features allows it to be easily wrapped in a small, medium or large diameter. The diamond knurled texture is similar to what is found on MTB grips - and we know that works. It lets the sweat get out, increases the surface area for extra and keeps on sticking whether you want to ride in gloves or no gloves.

The raised dots in the center of the tape serve two purposes - Firstly it adds a nice raised area for increased vibration damping, secondly the 3 rows of dots allows the tape to be wrapped in 3 varying thickness. It's like connecting the dots, if  you want a thin wrap make sure all 3 dots are visible and you'll get a perfect wrap. If you want a thick wrap just make sure only 1 dot is showing.  Surprisingly effective bar tape.

Its suitable for road and gravel bikes.

  • 125g
  • 30mm width x 2000mm length