SQlab Innerbarends 411r Carbon

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SQlab claims you can save up to 14watts at 36km/h on an average 5% grade - Not too far off considering how wide your arms get placed with flat MTB bars. If you are XC racing, marathon racing or spending a lot of time on fireroads and tarmac the 411r Innerbarends will definitely add more comfort and help you cut through the wind. They don't weigh much so you your numbers will only go up a little bit in your"weight weenie" spreadsheet.

An ideal solution for taking the strain and tension off your stabiliser muscles. The Innerbarend has a lot of "platform" for resting your hands and even getting up and out of the saddle for sharp climbs. By internally rotating your shoulders it does place more of the  load on the larger muscle groups on your back (which is what you want) and they still also allow access to the brake levers.

A really nice curvy carbon construction just feels so natural the first time you take a grip, at 39grams there is very little weight disadvantage and the extra positions on the bike - you body will thank you after the ride.

They have a nice comfy feel while cruising and even promoting a more aero position while taking up little space on your bars - which make it work well for marathon and XC racing

Full carbon fibre construction for the lowest weight possible - will not freeze your hands off in the cold!

  • 39g/ pair
  • 22.2mm clamp
  • Integration with the 710/702 grip