SRAM Force shifters

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Straight from the best value/performance groupset, Force.

The Force shifters show unbeatable value in terms of performance, price and materials. Sharing much the same technologies and carbon fibre lever as the higher priced Red shifters the Force is available at a super competitive price point. Lever throw to change gears requires a small 15degrees of movement which is actuated in a graceful arc. Better ergonomics means fast and more accurate shifts. There is a carbon fibre brake lever and a magnesium shift paddle.

The unique method of shifting gears has been simplified with DoubleTap, not only in terms of operation but simplicity of the mechanical parts that make the DoubleTap shifters work so smoothly. Simple mechanisms means longer life and more time riding. Also the ability to hold the down shift "trigger-like" while you are winding up for a big sprint is an amazingly useful feature. The flat hoods allows a perfectly straight transition to your handlebars and keeps your hands in the most comfortable and ergonomic position.

Clean and simple decals stand out but do not draw excess attention, setup is a breeze with dual routing ports for housing and ExactActuation makes dialing in the rear derailleur a no-brainer. If you are after top-tier shifters without the extra cost, it is hard to pass up the Force shifters.

The Force shifters are available in a set and include gear cables for both front and rear.