STFU Drivetrain silencer Trail-Enduro

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It definitely looks a little funky and if completely focused on looks then we don't recommend it. But if you simply love that sound of only your tyres fondling the ground beneath and your dampers pumping and hissing while blasting through the forest, then the STFU definitely takes riding to another dimension. You will actually be surprised how much noise the chain makes hitting even the best chainstay protectors.

For most users the trail-enduro version will do, they are customisable to most chainstay designs and will work with 1x 52t cassettes. You'll just measure at a few points and use a sharp knife to size correctly. The inner core uses a harder ABS plastic and silencing section is TPU which dampens chain noise. You can sometimes get away with running just one of STFU

Once installed you notice that silent bliss of riding. Those rough sections "feel" smoother and no more breaking of your attention with that monotonous chain slap.

SRAM does recommend using a new quick link when breaking an existing powerlink

  • XC, Trail and Enduro bikes
  • 9-13 speeds with 52t rear cassette
  • Trim to length design
  • Includes 2 adjustable modules

Installation Guide