Syntace HiTorque Mountain Hubs Rear

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Unlike traditional hub designs which use a ratchet and pawl system which can sometimes lead to over stressed singled out pawls, causing sloppy engagement, wear and hub failure. The HiTorque systems utilises spur gears, similar to want you will find in a high torque race cars outputing ridiculous amounts of torque and stressing every little grain of metal.

The 2 main features that set the HiTorque apart are the meshed gears on the hub body and and freehub body perfectly meshing the two assemblies for direct torque transfer. The engagement mechanism is angle cut spur gears that have no other option but to engage 36teeth at the one time = instant torque transfer, no matter how much power you can throw at it.  This system gives 1.5º of engagement so its suitable for the mtb enthusiast that likes to talk tech all day or even the trials rider than blows up hubs every other month.

Internally a butted 17mm axle and wide bearing positioning for durability and smoothness and a high strength 7075 optimsed flange for a rock solid spoke platform - One place where we see hubs crack and fail - even on the best of them.

With all this hard wearing, macho high strength metals and special gear you would think they would be heavy? 245g is all you need to know.

  • Weight: 245g
  • XD Driver compatible
  • 135x12 or 142x12 axle width
  • Spoke Drilling: 32h
  • 10yr Warranty