Syntace Moto lock grips

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The latest single lock on grip from Syntace

Single bolt lock-ons for comfort and extra control, dual compound kraton available in 30mm or 33mm diameters. A non-slip single clamp design that uses a fiber-reinforced nylon layer that is the foundation for these grips - carbon safe and secure. The lock on has a narrow profile so your palm faces more rubber than usual lockons, it tapers around the other side to manage the clamp mechanism which doubles up as an anti-slip lip. A neat integrated bar plug stays put and protects your handlebars. A softer compound on the palm side is grippy and extends to be in contact with contact with your thumbs - a difference compared to the previous versions. The soft Kraton reduces vibrations and stays grippy in wet weather. The opposing side utilises a harder knurled compound that reduces wear and provides loads of grip for bare fingers or gloves to latch onto. Simply align the crosshairs on the palm side inline with the extension of your arms for optimum setup. Suitable for all types of riding with the weight of the 30mm at 119g

  • Dual compound Patented Kraton rubber
  • Low profile single clamp lock bolt
  • 30mm and 33m diameters available
  • Integrated Bar plugs included
  • Red or Black
  • Dishwasher safe