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Syntace P6 Hi-Flex Carbon Seat Post

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Nice Post!

High tech and HiFlex carbon fibre introduces controlled flex which dramatically improves the ride quality on your bike. It's like that bone jarring, teeth rattling pavement just turned into a bed of flowers. Optimised fibres allow the seatpost to absorb high-frequency road and trail vibrations and allow it to safely flex just a few mm's to take the sting out of larger bumps.

The patented seatpost head seamlessly integrates into the full carbon tube resulting in a highly durable post for the lowest possible weight, the 30.6 version weighs in at 216grams. The P6 was not solely designed for low weight and high strength but also to offer a considerable amount of flex to to smooth out the trail while being seated. While all seatposts display a slight amount of flex the Syntace P6 HiFlex has been engineered with load oriented fibres to produce flex that is noticeable on the bike and to take out the trail buzz with all the strength needed for tough riding conditions. The unique arrangment of fibres and the layup of carbon actually absorbs high frequency vibrations before it gets to your saddle rails, ultimately improving the ride quality of your bike - be it road or MTB. The bolt head has been cold forged from 7075 AL and is aligned horizontally so that the load is positioned towards the centre of the post rather than off-centre - this helps with equal force distribution. With this unique design you can fully load up the post directing the forces down the shaft of the post while allowing the carbon fibres to flex with a zero reduction in strength. Bomb-proof. The bolts have also been positioned symmetrically in the exact direction of the force allowing for an extremely secure grip on the saddle rails.

Syntace has also utilised their Extended Seat Adjustment which offers more setback than conventional designs while at the same design looking elegant, almost to be confused as a 0mm offset post. This design also allows for a very wide and stable platform for the seat rails, a huge 53mm to be exact which allows titanium or carbon rails on rough and aggressive mountain terrain without the fear of bending or slipping rails under load.

  • Dramatically reduce trail and road buzz
  • Wide rail support safe for carbon rails
  • 0-20mm setback depending on length of your saddle rails
  • 10yr warranty
  • Suitable for road and MTB

The P6 HiFlex is a great post for the hardtail rider or road rider with the P6 Carbon really making a difference in rough fast terrain. The P6 Hi Flex has been VR-3 Approved, so its qualifies for the standard 10yr Warranty. Finished in Syntace's Raceblack colour - which shows the uni direction carbon through a gloss coat 31.6mm and 30.8 Diameter sizes are available to suit popular frame brands.