Syntace Single Clamp Lock-on grips

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So many details in a grip

Dual compound rubber, soft Kraton on the palm side for dampening and consistent grip and a firmer compound for extended wear on the opposing side. Integrated bar plug is lightweight, secure and integrates completely with the grip. The tapered single lock on clamp is smooth and does not protrude like a traditional lock-on, the reverse side has a subtle lip to prevent slip-off. A nylon base is safe on all carbon finishes and stays twist-free with only a single clamp bolt. 30mm diameter profile is suitable for all types of riding XC to DH. After a hard days riding simply put the grips in your dishwasher for cleaning and restoring the dual compound Kraton soft and tacky feel.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Single clamp lockon
  • Low profile clamp design
  • Carbon safe
  • 10yr warranty
  • Grip Shift friendly (9sp & 10sp)

* White only