Syntace Torque wrench 1-25Nm

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Compact precision

Now updated! Now Better!

There is no second guessing torque no matter how experienced you are and it's a crime to use a cheap sh1t torque tool on a half expensive bike. The new version of the Syntace Torque tool is smaller and more functional. The built in bit holder in the head itself simplifies part assembly and the micro-ratchet works superbly in tight compact spaces as well as the low profile head. Once it hits the torque it will "slip" letting you know the torque value has been set. The meter can be adjusted in .1Nm and starts at 1Nm unlike other torque wrenchs that start measuring at around 3Nm - hyper accurate!

Easy to use, a simple flip switch to change the ratchet direction and the red collar pulls down for torque range adjustment and snaps back to lock it place.

Use this torque wrench in combination with some assembly compound from Tacx and you can say goodbye to slipping carbon parts.