Syntace Vector Carbon HIGH5

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Nice Cockpit

A high end carbon bar that neutralises trail buzz and amplifies steering response. The Vector Carbon balances outright stiffness with a trail feel that can only be described as smooth and exotic. German testing has shown the Syntace Vector consistently rank at the top in stress tests. Long UD fibres are carefully arranged to offer excellent torsional stiffnes but still remaining comfortable and compliant in the vertical plane. More comfort, means you can ride faster, more control and longer.

They are available in a range of rises and sweeps from the 8 to the aggressive 12 which sweeps way back bringing your hands closer to the body speeding up steering response, good for those slow going 29ers. 5mm, 10mm and 20mm rises are available to help tune your weight balance maximising tyre bite into terra firma. A titanium mesh grid wraps the centre clamp section ensuring safety and a no-slip surface. Chop marks at the ends if you need to resize them. Finished in a clearcoat over carbon.

Completely suitable for EN/TR and XC riding. All Vector Carbon bars come with a really long 10yr warranty. In order to simplify the buffet offering of sizes and rises, Syntace offers the Vector Carbon in one 760mm width - which can be cut down to your preferred size. You just need to choose your rise (5,10,20,35) and sweep (8 or 12). Easy! Now go and stuff your face full-o-fiber.

  • Titanium lattice centre piece and texture clamp area
  • Cut lines on ends
  • 10yr Warranty
  • Lightweight alu bar plugs available as options
  • 8 and 12 sweeps
  • Buffet of rises including Negative rises
  • 780mm width