Syntace W30 MX Wheelset 27.5"

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In the midst of all the flashy looking carbon wheels, the Syntace Wheelset systems stands apart with exceptional quality and proven performance increase. The Syntace wheels are wide, the W35 internal diameter measures 24.8mm!, which Syntace recommends tyre widths of 2.20 - 2.40. A wider internal diameter reduces pinch flatting, flattens out the tyre tread, allowing the cornering knobs to bite into the dirt sooner, it also stiffens the sidewall so you can get away with running a lighter tyre. Additional, the extra width provides overall volume increase which allows you to run lower pressures and gain more traction in all terrain conditions. As aluminium is lighter than rubber, you get away with a lighter tyre but gain extra volume and a stable sidewall for cornering. Not to be let down by heavy hoops, the W30 in a 26" variation weighs in at 1455g.

  • Increase tyre volume without increase tyre size
  • Square off tyre tread
  • Increase pinch flat protection
  • Stiffer sidewalls
  • Lower Pressures (14psi - 25psi)
  • 3+7 wheel Warranty

Laced in traditional 2x and 3x with standard off-the-shelf spokes, maintenance is a breeze and the stiff and responsive Syntace rear HiTorque spur gear freehubs provide rapid acceleration and long service life. Hubs are compatible with all hub standards, you just need to specify your bike setup before your purchase.