Topeak Micro-Shock Pump

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Portable Air.

Lightweight and mobile pump to carry when you are fine tuning your suspension settings. At 47g it can be stuffed into a jersey pocket or attached to the bike with the included bottle cage mount. The micro-shock features the Topeak Pressure-Rite valve which prevents air-loss when you remove the valve. For minimal weight there is no pressure guage, so its ideal to carry in your jersey for long rides or tuning session. The handle locks for easy storage and it is rated to 300psi with a semi-flexible head to allow access to hard-to-reach shock placements. The Topeak Micro pump is ideal for bikes that have a sag indicator on the frame or shock itself as there is no need for the pressure gauge.


  • Pressure-Rite valve attachment
  • Aluminium body
  • Rubber locking handle
  • Suitable for front and rear shocks
  • 300psi max