Tune King Hub BOOST Edition

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Now available in the latest hub standard. The 110mm wide spacing on the front and 148mm spacing on the rear.  Some of the n00bs will balk at the Boost standard, but as any experienced wheel builder knows that bracing angles increase wheel stiffness goes up exponentially. Initially the Boost standard was an attempt to increase the stiffness of vague 29er wheels but the standard has now filtered down to smaller wheels sizes forcing frame manufacturers to alter designs to incorporate the standard. This is not a bad thing.

The Tune King and Kong Boost increase the flange distance which increases bracing angles and as well as increasing bearing support allowing for a more durable and smoother spinning hub. You can't just get by with spacing a standard hub with a big long end cap.

Rated for Enduro use and downhill use, they are completely suitable for any type of mountain riding and with low weights of only 121g and 214g for the rear they will build up into your favourite rim and spoke combo  for the lowest weight and highest performance.

  • F:15mm / R: 148x12
  • Deep groove ball bearings
  • 28h or 32h drillings
  • Suitable for 27.5 plus wheels
  • Rear Flange Distance: 36.3mm / 24.1mm
  • Front Flange Distance: 27.4mm / 37mm
  • Available to suit XD 11speed cassettes