Tune Komm Vor+ Alcantara 97g

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Hand Made Carbon Comfort.

The new Tune Komm Vor+ suitable for road. Just a touch of the supersoft and grippy Alcantara material around the back edges to help with scuffs and buffs when leaning your bike against the walls. Alcantara is a synthetic material, similar look and feel to suede - but without the innocent murder.  There are lots of open mold carbon saddles available but one thing with some of the more expensive boutique saddles is they are tuned to have lots of flex to make up for lack of padding. The Komm Vor+ has a a subtle concave shape similar to the SSM Concor, Speedneedle and Fizik Aliante with a flared rear that suits riders that like to sit "in" the saddle and not scoot around too much during seated efforts, the flared back helps to give extra support when pedaling hard.

A narrow 130mm width and very flexible chassis makes this saddle ideal for long rides. Finished with the Tune logo on the top, and a high gloss covering raw carbon. Don't let the full carbon construction scare you - this is a very comfortable saddle.

The saddle has a weight limit of 90kg.

  • 97g
  • Tuned flex
  • Carbon rails (8x10mm High Oval)
  • Alcantara (synthetic) rear skirt
  • 130mm width