Tune ONE SHOT Tubeless Sealant

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If you have played around with Tubeless setup, you know there are some cons. Finding the right sealant that has the right amount of viscosity and doesn't dry up in a few weeks - that's tough. Tune tested a stack of sealants from competitors. First they punctured it and spun it up to 20km/h and checked the pressure loss after 1, 2 and 3minutes.

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One Shot comes in the 3 sizes - the big 1L for refilling the smaller 120ml and 60ml bottles. Smaller bottles come with valve core removers and will fit over the valve stem for easy refills. The small bottles are good for on the go or knowing how much you are filling your tyres up with - around 60ml will get a standard size new MTB tyre to seal.

  • Ammonium free, Latex free
  • Fully synthetic formula
  • 60-90ml for tyres under 2.4"s