Tune Skewers DC14 Ti+Carbon

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Lightweight, quality and safety

Tune the well known high end German bike parts manufacturer developed the Tune DC14 to have minimal weight, excel safety tests and look fantastic on high end bikes. The skewers weigh 32g per pair with a carbon/aluminium lever which is available in a variety of colours. Lots of details have gone into the DC14. The fine pitch threads increase strength and durability and the narrowed shaft reduces strain on the threads combined with the eccentric clamping mechanism which is coated for smooth closure without the use of lubrication.

One of the lightest skewers available with good looks to suit any high end wheelset or road bike.

  • Titanium rear axle
  • Aluminium front axle
  • Fine Pitch Threads
  • Anodised AL and carbon levers
  • Knurled locknut
  • Molybdenum coated cam

Road Bike use