Tune Skyracer Saddle

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We know the 69g weight is really hard to look past when you are talking about a saddle that supports 100kg. But the fact is the Skyracer is an extremely comfortable saddle, anytime on the Speedneedle or the Kom Vor you realise you know that there is a lot of tuned flex that goes into the saddle. The Speedneedle and Komvor shape are legendary and have been around for a long time - it's tested by many. You can simply feel the flex and bend when the bike is stationary - yet riding over harsh roads it's smooth and comfortable.

If you do like to move around on the saddle, full carbon minimises that friction and will actually allow your body to naturally that comfortable sweet spot, without having to constantly scoot back and forward.

Completely made from a a single piece of carbon, the Skyracer is actually fully recyclable.

  • 130mm width
  • 230mm length
  • 7x7mm round rails
  • 69g weight