Tune Speedneedle 20 Twenty Alcantara

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The original Speedneedle has been around for 20 years and the shape has remained the same - one of the first light weight saddles (yet super comfortable) at the time.

Now Tune has updated this saddle ever so slightly getting ready for the next 20 years.

It still gets the legendary Speedneedle scoop with the raised rear waist and dropped nose. It gets a little wider at 135mm and keeps the cool looking and functional aramid-carbon struts. The biggest change is the Alcantara covering the full length with a recessed channel down the center. Fans of the OG Speedneedle will not be disappointed with these updates.

Each saddle is handmade in Germany, but we can assure you they are finished to perfection and suitable for long days in the saddle

  • Oval rails (7.5x9.5mm) with aramid carbon mix
  • Alcantara - Vegan friendly
  • 135mm wide / 260mm wide
  • Full carbon construction
  • Suitable for Road, Marathon and XC riding / Racing
  • 99g
  • Max rider weight 90kg