Tune Speedneedle Alcantara 95g

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Handmade Carbon Comfort 

The Speedneedle Alcantara is made by hand and finished with a Alcantara cover on the rear and front. The mid-section is left bare so the natural carbon weave shows through. The raised rear end allows for a stable platform, especially under hard efforts while the mid-section is a 2-3mm drop alleviates pressure and the nose front is covered for comfort when you are on the rivett. The overall shape follows a waved profile allowing proper pelvis support when riding hard or sporting that OSP 14cm saddle-to-bar drop. The synthetic Alcantara material is extremely soft and provides excellent grip while not being glue-like tacky, and it is not harsh on your shorts. By design it is hard wearing and very luxurious - You may just find yourself petting it like your favourite furry dog during mid-ride stops. The Speedneedle rails are woven with Aramid fibres for extra rigidity and compression resistance and are longer (83mm) than standard so a few more mm's of setback can be dialled in. Tune does recommend a rider weight of 85kg that means if you opt for the club fit kit this might not be the saddle for you  Speedneedles must be used with a compatible seatpost clamping system.

If you manage to damage one in a crash or wear out the covering after lots of miles you can send it back to Tune for a fee and they will recover/repair and get it back to new. The new chassis and construction methods of the Speedneedle now allows suitability to a wider range of riding styles, from lightweight xc, road to all-mountain.

Compatible Seatpost

KCNC Ti Pro Lite, Kore Lite, LP Composites, Ritchey (all models, carbon & aluminum), Schmolke Carbon SL and TLO Shimano, Syncros micro-adjust, Syntace P6, Thomson, Trigon Carbon, Truvativ Team, Tune Strong piece / black piece / masterpiece USE Alien with separately available oversize terminals + a bit of filing

Incompatible Seatpost: Bontrager Race XXX Lite, Crank Brothers Kronologo (Vario prop), Easton, CT2, M2Racer (could work with a bit of filing) Moots Straight Laced and Laid Back Race Face XY USE Alien (without separate oversize terminals)