Tune Turnstange Flat 9º Carbon handlebar

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An exceptional performing handlebar suitable for Marathon, All mountain or Enduro. Designed in Germany by Tune and tested against the strict EFBe Institutes test this is in addition to the EN standard which most brands test against.

750mm width and the deep sweep back fits more riders and bikes with new-age geometry. Precise with just enough trail composure to smooth rough and bumpy trails.

Go low if you are on a big 29er, tall fork and want to keep the front wheel digging in when climbing and cornering.

Pair it with the exceptional Tune Geils 4.0 for the ultimate weight weenie cockpit.

  • 115g
  • 750mm
  • 9º Backsweep / 0º upsweep
  • 31.8mm Clamp
  • Max weight 110kg