Ultralight Heat Diffuse rotors

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Fade free, quiet and smooth

Still one of the lightest and most durable options available in a 1-piece steel rotor. An exclusive design that optimises stiffness with maximum surface area with the lowest weight possible, without compromising on brake performance. Heat treated to prevent warping, laser cut and machined flat for a straight and true performance. Large laser cut grooves remove heat which eliminates "gassing" which causes the dreaded brake fade on long descents, while the spider-arms are tuned for outright stiffness so your brakes always feel sharp and responsive. Common with lightweight rotors is the warping issue where heating and rapid cooling derforms the steel - these are double heat treated and are a full 1.8mm thick so they stay truer for longer. You can expect a smooth running brake with no turkey gobble, good pad life and consistent all-weather performance.

2 Year warranty. No rider weight limit. Available in 160mm and 180mm sizes.

  • 160mm, 80g
  • 180mm, 87g