Veloflex Corsa Black 25c

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For racing, training or just thoroughly enjoying the ride. The extremely high thread count of 320 Threads per inch means the tyre casing relies on more thread ply than rubber and resin to form the tyre structure. This allows the tyre to conform and absorb imperfections in the road, less energy being bumped around - transmitting a smoother and more responsive feel to the rider. There is no doubting the racing pedigree of the Veloflex brand, its seen on more professionals bikes than any other tyre brand - we'll even see them marked out for non-sponsored equipment.

For comparison the ubiquitious Continental GP4000 is advertised as a 330TPI / 3 ply which is essentially a 110TPI rated tyre - It's not the same, not even close to a true 320TPI tyre like the VF Corsa - Compared to the VF Corsa it's more akin to sitting on a chunky concrete block to a softly padded plush couch. We urge you to try a back to back comparison and let us know if you think the Conti's are a true 320TPI

A natural rubber tread with a herringbone pattern reduces surface area ratio which further reduces rolling resistance it also has loads of traction in the wet and a real positive cornering feel in the dry.

Available in 25c with black sidewalls and weigh in at 245g