Vine Ripened Vega Star System Socks

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Alpha Lyrae

The Vega system is only 25 light-years away from the sun and is one of the brightest stars in the sun's neighborhood. The Alpha Lyra has been fascinating astronomers since it's discovery. The 2nd most important star after the sun and it's sheer size and brightness could uncover some mysteries for us lowly evolved human species.

You will believe in aliens once you wear these socks. Cushioned heelbox, mid arch support, ribbed for pleasure and a nice blend of Nylon,  Spandex and Cotton for a snug fit and excellent moisture wick-a-bility. Rock them on the bike, on a run, in the gym or wearing space boots.

  • 7" Cuff
  • Made in the USA
  • Nylon, cotton and spandex blend
  • Seam free toes
  • Mid-arch support