WPL Absolute Bike Grease 113g/4oz

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The Best Grease.

Definitely a favourite with professional suspension workshops and bike builders. What's different about absolute grease is that it offers the same performance as conventional petroleum based greases but without the toxicity. It cleans up easily and has no nasty stench to it.

Petroleum based greases are harmful to aquatic life, forest ecosystems and humans. No Forests no biking!

Absolute grease has a temperature from -40ºc to 120º which makes it ideal for extreme conditions and this thermal stability makes it absolutely perfect for use with forks and rear shock seals. You can even thin the grease down with WPL Fork Boost to make a thin grease for rear hub pawls.

It stays put, waterproof, super slippery and does not trash the environment.

  • Suitable for fork seals, shock seals, all types of bearings, rear hub pawls
  • Biodegradable, non-toxic formula is safe for rubber and rubber derivatives
  • Used by top suspension workshops and race mechanics
  • Made in Canada