WPL Race Ready Tubeless Sealant 250ml

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A fully bio-based formula with natural fibrous tissue suspended in a special solution that will seal up to 1/2" in size. Like all WPL products the emphasis on low toxicity and environmental friendly solutions - proving that you can also have high performance lubes and sealants that do not harm our forests.

The nano-particles help seal the tire walls to prevent weeping and air loss (quite common on the Maxxis Exo casing) and the thicker "chunks" will seal up those bigger cuts and punctures. WPL sealant also works in a very wide temperature range (-23ºc to 107ºc)

It's easy to use and each bottle includes a tube that sits on your presta valve and makes filling your tyres mess free. Just remove the valve core attach the included hose and pump in as much sealant as you like.

  • Completely natural bio-based product
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Works with small and big punctures
  • Won't corrode or break down tyres
  • 250ml bottle with presta tube filler