X-Fusion '17 Trace RCP Black Tapered

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X-Fusion’s new Roughcut RCP is the latest revolution of our coveted HLR damping system. Utilizing a fully bled bladder cartridge system, the Roughcut system was piloted by X-Fusion test rider Brian Lopes to an early season win at the Sea Otter Classic in 2014.

The heart of the Roughcut RCP damper is the single wall bladder system that completely separates the oil in the damper from air outside the cartridge. Eliminating mixing of air and oil means that consistent fade-free damping because there is no chance for oil cavitation or foaming. We also have a new piston design, with the shims positioned on a raised platform. This helps assist initial activation of the shims because the mating surface area of the piston and shims is reduced so the moment of inertia is also reduced.

There is another benefit to utilizing the bladder system: the high and low speed adjustments are now located on top of the fork crown, where they can be easily accessed for trailside tuning. Each adjustment click also provides a significant change as well, with a wider damping range from previous HLR dampers. In addition, because both of the high and low speed circuits are controlled by shims, the damping is super consistent and controlled. The rebound adjuster is now located at the bottom of the damper side leg.

  • RCP 3-position damper makes tuning easy with low speed and 3 high speed compression settings
  • LockX 15mm Axle
  • Brake housing guides
  • 140,120, 100, 80 internally adjustable travel
  • 1930g
  • Tapered Steerer