X-Fusion Manic Dropper post

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The Manic dropper is a bit of a sleeper - it's well priced and has an extremely light feel at the lever, user serviceable with economically priced cartridges (if you ever need to do a rebuild). You can open it up with a strap wrench and vice if you like doing the work yourself. From the inside it uses a replaceable cartridge which can be replaced with a strap wrench and a soft jaw vice.

Like the majority of dropper posts out there, it uses brass keys(also replaceable) that help prevent the rotation of the saddle so there is never any of that annoying side to side play. If you have been struggling to fit a bigger drop post in your frame then the Manic deserves a look, it has a very low profile seal head and an unobtrusive saddle clamp which keeps the minimum height one of the lowest out there.

On the trail it's really smooth, from the first press it drops with very little pressure and tops out with a distinctive clunk.

It has a wide range seat rail clamp which really helps when you have some radical geometry bikes and some riders cannot get their seat angled down enough.

They come in the 27.2mm. 30.9mm and 34.9 size with drops ranging from 100mm - 170mm. The remove lever is also included.

  • Travel: 100mm / 125mm / 150mm / 170mm
  • Weight: 100mm: 465g / 125mm: 575g / 150mm: 570g /170mm: 627g
  • OD: 30.9mm / 31.6mm / 34.9mm
  • Color: Black
  • Internal routing only.
  • Length:100mm :324.5mm / 125mm :375.5mm / 150mm :437.5mm / 170mm : 478mm