X-Fusion Trace RC HLR

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A heavy hitting trail 29" fork with the stiff Unicrown, 34mm stanchions and the new updated HLR damper. The new HLR Roughcut damper adds another level of adjustment and performance. A single wall bladder system that houses the damper piston, oil without any air- which can cause foaming of the damper fluid in some open bath designs on long heated descents. This also makes servicing very easy as the cartridge can be removed and serviced.

Like all X-Fusion forks you'll find a lot of machined aluminium pieces inside and some finer details like the chamfered stanchion edges. Travel can be changed with the simple ladder pin system 80 - 140mm in 20mm increments. 

Having high and low speed compression adjustments allow you to tune the fork to exactly how you want it to ride, the compression dials are now at the top crown which makes on the bike tuning easier.

An adjustable air-spring supported by a negative coil spring for really good low bump sensitivity and because it does not utilise a check valve to equalise a negative air-spring chamber you can run some quality damper oil on the top of the piston to tune your air spring curve.

  • LSC - 16 Clicks
  • HSC - 16 Clicks
  • Rebond: 36clicks
  • LockX 15mm Axle
  • Unicrown Option
  • Axle to Crown 506mm @ 100mm
  • 1930g