X0 Trigger 2x10 shifter set

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Trickle down performance from the XX groupset unbelievable looks and light weight.

Effortless and crisp shifting performance that you have come to know from SRAM. X0 triggers feature an adjustable paddle and are compatible with the MatchMakerX for a simple and clean handle bar layout. Black, Red or silver accents with a black painted carbon cover looks fantastic. Anodised bar clamps and mounting hardware match the nearly all black appearance of the shifters. Looks aside, shifting performance on the new X0 triggers is fantastic and a step above the X9 tier triggers. Shift activation is smooth and light but still with a positive click. Paired with an X0 rear der. shifts are fast and smooth and it is very rare to mis-shift.

Available in a set which includes front and rear trigger with cables included.