X9 Trigger 2x10

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Top performing trigger shifters with a value oriented price. A durable option for any 2x10 drivetrain setup. X9 triggers use bushings for the pivot levers as opposed to the bearings in the X0. X9 triggers also forgoe the adjustable paddle shifter, not a problem if you are not the one to tinker too much. The shifters are compatible with the MatchMakerX which allows for a clean and tidy handlebar setup. MatchMaker allows for a single clamp for an X-Loc remote, shifters and MatchMaker compatible brake lever.

This trigger set is designed for a double chainring and 10speed rear cassette and utilise the Exact Actuation Technology featured on the X0 and XX for smooth and crisp shifts and the 1:1 ratio for cable pull to derailleur movement makes for the setup a snap. Cable changes are easily done through the top port once the rubber grommet has been removed.

Available in black with red or grey accents.