YBN Power Chain 9sp

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Same side plate profile as the Hollow Pin version but with solid pins instead for maximum durability. If you are good at breaking chains the YBN Power Chain is as strong as they get. Good shifting from the chamfered side plates and Nickel plating on the inner and outer plates keep shifting smooth and also yields good long term durability. Respectable weight of 282g. Compatible with all high-end drivetrains.

  • 282g
  • 112 Links
  • Chamfered side plates
  • Nickel plated inner and outer plates.
  • Includes quick link connector
  • 9800n Tensile Strength
  • 9speed drivetrains only

YBN have been manufacturing chains all the back in 1989 with their manufacturing facilities in Taiwan. Tthey have been the main OEM supplier for many of the big brands and they are holders of multinational patents in there chain designs and manufacturing processes, with around 10million chains produced every year.